Media Talking Points

in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Police Plaza

September 30, 2011

Why We Are Here

We are deeply troubled by the acts of police violence
that have been perpetrated against occupy New York over the last 2 weeks.
Including pepper spraying of non-violent demonstrators, violent arrests, and
the suppression of expressive activity.

We support the Occupy Wall Street demonstration and are
in solidarity with its aims.  Through
direct action, these inspirational protesters have opened a space where more
people are talking about, and doing something about, runaway corporate greed,
the corruption of US democracy, and the extraordinary inequalities of wealth in
our city and our nation.

But our main concern is the NYPD’s ongoing
criminalization of dissent, especially their overreaction to minor violations
of the law by otherwise peaceful demonstrators.

Our goals today is to let the NYPD know that we are
watching them and that we intend to hold them accountable for any misconduct
towards the Occupy Wall St. demonstrators.

On the D.I. Bologna Pepper Spray Incidents

  • We
    condemn the use of pepper spray against peaceful demonstrators
  • We
    call for the resignation or firing of D.I. Bologna
  • We
    demand the immediate public release of all reports filed in relationship to
    this incident

On the Use of Force to Arrest Marchers

  • We
    condemn the use of force against peaceful demonstrators
  • We
    call on the NYPD to stop criminalizing peaceful dissent—even when it is
  • We
    demand a full report about what command decision may have led to this incident
    and what paperwork was filed after the fact.

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